24 Mayıs 2013 Cuma

Adventures of Sluggo by David Zinn

3 d paintings - david zinn - pavement street art

Meet Sluggo – a green semi-subterranean inhabitant of Ann Arbor, Michigan. This strange little creature first appeared back in 2008 on a sidewalk, and since then started peaking out of walls cracks, chilling on ledges or doing his daily routines all over the town. Turns out, it was drawn by a local graphic artist David Zinn, using simple colored chalks. Calling himself an “inveterate doodler and a shameless word nerd”, David uses art as a problem-solving tool, even if the problem is a sad-looking street crack.[ via : boredpanda]

street paint art - 3d optical illusion david - 3d chalk sidewalk art

david zinn - sidewalk drawings 3d - street art on pavement

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