14 Mayıs 2013 Salı

3D giant snail by julian

julian pavement art - 3d pavement illusion

This photo was taken somewhere in Europe, and I can’t believe I never saw it before – specially since the author behind it is one and only Julian Beever, master of 3D pavement art. What you see below is a street and a plain stone bench occupied by an ordinary citizen and one unordinary creature. Both pavement and bench are partially covered by a chalk drawing. The drawing disappears in places, and at one point seems to bump into a metal pole. What I find so interesting about this anamorphic painting is it’s seamless transition between flat pavement surface and a bench. But I guess this all makes sense when you see it from another angle. Both photos are included!

julian giant snail art - 3d pavemen art - pavement art illusion
 [ via : moillusions ]

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